Frequently Asked Questions

Most carriers now provide cell service to our area.

Randle is a small town consisting of a grocery store, three mini marts, three gas stations, two motels, three restaurants, two bars, and a coffee stand.  Camping will be available on-site as well as at local campgrounds.  There are a number of AirBnB options available too.

Summit To Swamp will accept cash, debit, and credit card.  Individual vendors will have their own payment methods.  Cash machines are available in Randle, which is one mile away.

Registration for 2021 is FREE.  Our Summit to Swamp friends are invited for a special Friends & Family Day.  Enjoy full access to the course, hang out at the bonfire, bring something for potluck, and camp if you like.

It means that you have unlimited access to the course for the day.  You can stay on the course continuously. You can take a break, then go back out.  You can do your favorite obstacles over and over.  It means that you get to use this course to meet your goals…training, personal challenge, team building, family time, or just for fun and laughs! 

Pets may attend and run the course with you. Please use responsible judgement about the temperament and compatibility of your dog around others. Leashes are advised to avoid any unwanted conflicts. You are responsible for cleaning up your pet’s waste from the Spectator/Parking/Course areas.

This page will be added to as we have more questions……

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