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Welcome to your Journey. Here are the steps.

  • Your end objective is to complete the Sagitta Arrow Puzzle.
  • It consists of five separate medals that connect to each other.
  • Complete one Sagitta Qualifier event per company.
  • Receive your unique Sagitta tac patch once you complete the event.
  • Once you have earned your second patch, you will receive your shirt and medal pieces from us.
  • You must have five individual and unique puzzle pieces for your arrow to be complete.
  • When you have completed your five race journey, you will be qualified to compete in our season’s Invitational Championship where a cash prize is up for grabs.

Below are the participating organizations and their event descriptions:

3 Elements takes three separate elements of fitness endurance and blend them together to test team work and personal performance. Much like a triathlon, we are determined to test your fitness levels by placing you under constant and varied stress. No two events are the same, with key elements being adjusted or changed to better reflect the crafty mentality of the various Directors. The constant is the innovation, quality, and event craftsmanship that you experience every time you toe our line.

Founded in 2014, EPIC Series is a hybrid obstacle course race (OCR) unlike any other existing course in the World . Epic combines elements of cross-training, strongman, and traditional obstacle course racing, without the mud or long-distance running. By creating obstacles that have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced options, EPIC Series opens up obstacle course racing to a wider audience of fitness enthusiasts. We’ve also incorporated a family-friendly event, a Kids Course that mimics a kid-sized version of the obstacles and strength challenges seen in the adult courses.

FirefighterFit Endurance is the only endurance training and event company whose programs are developed and staffed by Hotshots and wildland firefighters. The programs available rely on the concept of teamwork and leadership found in the Hotshot community. Our methods are tested and vetted by some of the best endurance athletes alive: Wildland Fire.

Just North of Washington State in Canada, Swanson Grit is the new up and coming endurance event organization. Their mission is to keep endurance great.

Beasts Obstacle Course Racers (Beasts OCR) is a group for people who love obstacle course racing in the North West. Beasts OCR started one night when 12 people who met online got together because they were always looking for people to run obstacle course races with and train with. This group will be looking for OCRs and other races in the North West as well as setting up meeting times for OCR training and runs. We are all about supporting each other

The Summit To Swamp Obstacle Mud Run has 30 to 50 obstacles over a scenic course in the foothills of the Big Bottom Valley. The Trail Course offers  5K and 10K options over a variety of terrain.  The purpose of our event is to have a weekend of challenging fun & teamwork for success. Our goal is to provide a challenge for the competitive, while giving people new to OCRs an encouraging atmosphere in which to begin. There is no age restriction to participate in our Open Obstacle or Open Trail Course, so bring friends and family, enjoy the day, and make memories!

Tournament goal is to promote competition between teams composed of male and female athletes in the Northwest region of the United States.

Feb 15, 2020
Lee Farms
Tualatin, OR

Mar 14, 2020
Lee Farms
Tualatin, OR

April 4th – Seattle Super

April 25/26 – Summit to Swamp

May 30/31 – Epic Series

June 6th – Rugged Maniac 

June 27th – Boise Sprint

July 11th –Renegade Rage

August 8th – Portland Sprint

September 12th – Seattle Beast

September 19th – Tougher Mudder

Support the local races and communities of the Pacific Northwest. 

2/8-2/9/20 Machete Recon XII (Gilroy, CA)

2/15 – My Muddy Valentine (Tualatin, OR)

2/22/20 Grit OCR – CLAW (Santa Clarita, CA)

2/23/20 Grit OCR -FANG (Santa Clarita, CA)

2/29/20 – Swanson Grit – Fire and Ice {Sagitta Qualifier}-(BC, Canada)

3/14 – Dirty Leprechaun (Tualatin, OR)

3/14/20 Grit Farm -The Shamrock Shake Down (BC,Canada)

3/28-29 – Ghost 2020 – (Montesano, WA)

3/28-29 – EPIC Series – (Fresno, CA)

3/28/20 – Firefighter Fit – Lightning Module – (Chandler, AZ)

4/04 – 3Elements Dallas – 24 hr + Team Race – (Dallas, TX)

4/04 – 3Elements – Dallas 5k by 5 O Ranch – (Dallas, TX)

4/18 – True North – RISE Youth – (Utah)

4/25-26 Summit to Swamp – (Randle, WA)

4/25-26 – EPIC Series – Victorville (Adelanto, CA)

5/09/20 -Firefighter Fit – Lightning Module – (Boise, ID)

5/9/20 – Swanson Grit – Discovery and Destruction – (BC, Canada)

5/9 – True Grit -RISE 3 – (Utah)

5/23/20 Grit Farm – Ruck N Roll (BC, Canada)

5/30-31 – EPIC Series – Oregon (Grants Pass, OR)

5/30/20 – Firefighter Fit -The Apex – (Long Beach, CA)

6/6 – True North – Unity Team Rucking Challenge – (Utah)

6/20 – X-Warrior Challenge – Sprint/Kids (Calgary, AB, Canada)

6/21 – X-Warrior Challenge – Titan Challenge (Calgary, AB, Canada)

7/4/20 – Swanson Grit – Grind and Independence – (BC, Canada)

7/4/20 Grit Farm – Summer Sunset Trail Relay -(BC, Canada)

7/11 – Renegade Rage (Pasco, WA)

7/11 – Run A Muk (WA)

7/18 – X-Warrior Challenge – Titan 12 Hour Black Ops (Barrhead, AB, Canada)

8/8-9 – EPIC Series – (Huntington Beach, CA)

8/8/20 Grit Farm -Hell’s Gate Ultra – (BC, Canada)

8/15 – True Grit – RISE 4 -(Utah)

8/15 – True Grit – Warriors 4 Warriors 5K & Virtual 5K – (Utah)

8/22: 3Elements – PNW Northern Lights (Randle, WA)

8/29 – Omak’s Warrior Stampede (Omak, WA)

8/29 – X-Warrior Challenge – Boneyard – Sprint/Kids (Barrhead, AB, Canada)

8/30 X-Warrior Challenge – Boneyard – Titan Challenge (Barrhead, AB, Canada)

8/31 – Buccaneer Rampage (Newport, OR)

8/31 – Mud Madness (Salem, OR)

9/5/20 Grit Farm – Last Man Standing (BC, Canada)

9/12 – EPIC Series- (Las Vegas, NV)

9/26 X-Warrior Challenge – X Ultra (Drumheller, AB, Canada)

10/2-3 – True North – FEAR, Face Everything And RISE (Centerfield, UT)

10/10 X-Warrior Challenge – Hurt Locker (Barrhead, AB, Canada)

10/24/20 – Swanson

grit – Octogon and Octane – (BC, Canada)

11/14 – Beastbreaker 2020 – (Randle, WA)

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